No Fun Studios Company Info

No Fun Studios is an entertainment mobile applications company founded in Columbus Ohio in late 2010. They are the creators of Newtonian Falldown a physics based remake of the classic calculator game Falldown. They specialize in developing games and social entertainment applications for the Android Marketplace, but are looking to expand into the Apple Appstore, and Windows Marketplace. To find out more please contact our community manager at or check out our contacts page for other helpful email addresses.

No Fun Studios Team

The No Fun Studios Team is small, but dedicated to making the best software we can. Each of the members are founders and partners of No Fun, and have unique contributions to the No Fun efforts.


Josh Slaven

Developer / Designer
Making everything No Fun work is what Josh does. Each of the No Fun products has his code at its heart.


Frank Neutzling

Designer / Business
Most of the No Fun graphics and menus were put together by Frank. He also deals with our No Fun business and web work.


Chris Lockhart

Developer / DBA
Keeping the server churning out No Fun data is where Chris shines. He programs the server, and manages the No Fun Database.


Shawn Baird

Community Relations
Shawn keeps you up to date on No Fun news and products. He manages the No Fun Community.